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Lisa Cardenas is the owner and founder of Haunted Hands.

After leaving a career in illustration and animation, she returned to her hometown of Tucson, Arizona to become a tattoo artist in 2008.

Her journey led her to open Haunted Hands in 2012, where she has been able to develop a unique style. Complementing the body is Lisa’s first priority when creating tattoo designs.

She is in love with Tucson and the Sonoran Desert, and feels very lucky to be surrounded by inspiration every day. When she’s not working on drawings, you can catch her indulging in her vintage lamp obsession at home in her workshop.  You can also catch her doing that when she’s supposed to be working on drawings.

Voted Tucson Weekly’s Best Tattoo Artist: 2014, 201720182019, and 2020

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Tattoo Portfolio

No coverups, fixups, or add-ons, sorry!

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Available Tattoo Designs

Upon leaving a deposit for an available tattoo design, the framed original artwork is yours to take home and we are ready to book appointments! Contact Lisa to learn more.

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Images are available for purchase. If interested, contact the artist.

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Lisa’s Custom Tattoo Process

You will first need to email Lisa’s manager (or complete the form below) and include a brief description of what you are looking to have done (subject matter, size, location, style, etc.). Attach examples and/or reference material if you have them. 

If Lisa is interested in your project, she will set up a 30-minute consultation at the studio to get the ball rolling with a deposit and a thorough exploration of all your preferences.

Communication is SUPER important! Remember, drawing is hard and artists are not mind-readers. See the Consultation Help document for advice on how to successfully prepare for your consultation.

At the end of the consultation, you’ll need to sign the Deposit Waiver and leave a deposit in order for Lisa to start the drawing process and book all necessary appointments to complete your tattoo. See Pricing & Availability information for more details.

Tattoo process by Lisa Cardenas: from drawing to finished tatoo

You will receive a rough sketch of your design via email to review a few days before your first tattoo appointment, and have a chance to make small revisions. Large or repetitive revisions can be problematic and/or expensive, but can usually be avoided by being clear about your preferences at your consultation.

Read Preparing For Your Tattoo Appointment or Tattoo Aftercare for more information.

For additional information, or if you are ready to request a consultation, contact Lisa’s manager.

Availability & Pricing

Base Rate (first/single session): $200/hr
Minimum: $200 (average session is 1-4 hours)

Multiple Sessions:

  • 2nd Session: $180/hr
  • 3rd Session: $160/hr
  • 4th Session: $140/hr
  • 5th Session: $120/hr
  • 6th Session + : $100/hr

Deposit: A deposit ($100-$300 depending on size of project) will be required at the end of your consultation to start the process and book tattoo appointments. The deposit goes towards the price of your tattoo and counts towards our last session.

Lisa tattoos MondayFriday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. and typically books 3-4 months out for tattoo appointments. Saturdays are occasionally available at an increased rate and book 1-2 months out.

She does not do cover-ups, fix-ups, replications, or add-ons to existing artwork.

For additional information, or if you are ready to request a consultation, contact Lisa’s manager.

Contact the Artist

Lisa’s tattoo book is currently open with an average wait time of 4-6 months. If you are interested in getting a tattoo by Lisa, please fill out this form with all requested info or submit a basic overview of your tattoo idea on the form on this page.

Please include a brief description of what you are looking to have done (subject matter, size, location, style, etc.) and Lisa’s manager will follow up with you. You may also email Lisa’s manager and include any attachments related to what you’d like.

If Lisa is not interested in your project, we are happy to provide a referral list to other tattoo shops in Tucson.

Please allow for 1-2 weeks for a response.

No coverups, fixups, or add-ons, sorry!

Consultations and tattoos by appointment only. No walk-ins, please.